Find your first writing clients in the next 6 weeks!

What if you could be on your way to a full-time freelance writing income in just 6 weeks?

What if you could launch a business that would allow you to:

  • Quit your unfulfilling day job

  • Work for yourself, from anywhere in the world

  • Set your own schedule

  • Make a full-time living on part-time hours

  • Make more money than you ever thought you could as an employee

  • Free up your time to do what’s most meaningful to you

This course will teach you everything you need to know to land your first writing clients and start building your business.

Hi! I’m Renee Hyde, and I’ve been a freelance writer for 7 years. In that time, I’ve been able to live on 5 continents and visit 50+ countries, all while getting paid to write.

I went from writing for content mills and making $2.50 per article to making over $100 an hour... well more than I would have ever earned as an employee. 

I've been able to cut back to a 10-hour workweek and still make a living. 

I've built a thriving, part-time writing business that leaves me plenty of free time to pursue my passions. 

You Could Get Here, Too

The great thing is that you can build a thriving writing business, too, given enough effort, time, and the right strategy. I don’t have any background in writing. I didn’t have a writing-related college major, or write for my day job, or have any experience whatsoever. I just had the drive to learn freelance writing because I knew it could make my life better.

Freelance writing is amazing because it’s open to people from all backgrounds, as long as you are willing to put in the time to learn. Now is the time to get started!

This Course Is For You If...

A. You haven’t applied for your first writing gig yet. 

You are looking for a seamless way to get started with all the information you need to find your first clients. This course will give you that roadmap!

B. You’ve already gotten started, but you’re underwhelmed by your results. 

You’ve been spending a lot of time sending out applications, with few responses.

You’ve found a few low-paying clients, or are writing for content mills, and are wondering how it’s possible to actually become a well-paid writer. 

You’re losing confidence in your ability to compete with all the other writers out there.

You’ve been reading a lot of conflicting, irrelevant, incomplete, or downright incoherent articles about freelance writing and just want to know, straight up, what you need to do next to find quality work. 

You’re in the Right Place!

Here's What We'll Cover:

  • Week 1: Find Your Focus

    We’ll learn about freelance writing and unpack your personal goals, experiences, and interests to help you find the right focus. You'll get access to niche reports, job availability and salary statistics, and worksheets to help you find the perfect writing niche.

  • Week 2: Build Your Portfolio

    I'll teach you how to write a great portfolio by figuring out who your ideal clients are and speaking directly to them through your writing samples. You'll also get examples and instructions on how to present your writing samples as a PDF, portfolio site, or personal website.

  • Week 3: Market Your Value

    You'll learn the psychology of why clients hire writers and use it to create an attention-getting statement of your services. You'll learn how to present your value to clients. We’ll also tackle an updated resume and LinkedIn profile this week.

  • Week 4: Find Work and Pitch With Confidence

    I teach you my pitching process, which revolves around creating empathy and personal connection with clients from the very first email. You'll learn how to send high quality, thoughtful pitches that clients find it hard to ignore. This pitching method has been the backbone of my business' success-- and I'm sharing an easy-to-customize template with you in this course. I'll also show you several dozen places to look for clients.

  • Week 5: Ace Your First Job

    This week is your job skills crash course. You'll learn how to be a freelance writer, including how to create a professional writing and editing process, how to format and present your work, how to communicate with clients, how to juggle multiple clients, and more.

  • Week 6: Run Your Business

    In the final week, you'll get lots of tips and resources for managing your new business. You'll learn how to set project expectations, set your writing rates, manage your time and money, and keep those clients coming. You'll also receive a contract template, invoice template, and profit-tracking spreadsheet.

Presale Special Offer

I’m offering a FREE personalized pitch review if you enroll in the course by Jan 2. I’ll give you detailed feedback on your portfolio, cover letter, and resume to show you how to get the best response from clients.

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Why Take This Course?

I’m sure you’re a smart cookie, and you don’t need to take a course to freelance write. But, taking my course will save you TONS of time and give you the best chance at success. Here’s why:

Reading random freelance writing articles online, and trying to figure out your own path, is not the best use of your time.

There are many tidbits of info here and there on the internet about how to become a freelance writer. But I remember that when I got started with writing, I spent so much time trying to patch together enough relevant, up-to-date, specific information to figure out what to actually do, from start to finish, to build a writing career. 

What I craved was a solid PLAN, something that told me what I needed to know when, and what actions I needed to take next. I wasted a lot of time reading repetitive information, just to be sure I wasn’t missing some crucial step that would affect my chances of making it.

But why spend countless unpaid hours to piece together a solution... when you could just learn it from someone who’s been there before?

Instead of wasting your time, take the course, get the game plan, and start putting your time towards finding clients and actually getting paid. You’ll become a freelance writer sooner, and the course will pay for itself, because you’ll start earning money for your time rather than being stuck debating what you should do next to become a writer. 

You’ll learn how to position yourself above other new writers… and avoid newbie mistakes

There’s a lot of competition out there. When entering the crowded world of new freelance writers, how do you stand out?

The thing is that most new writers approach the freelance writing world as if they’re new. (well, yeah, because they are!)

  • They’ve got no particular focus, so they try a bunch of different things to scrounge up some work… they waste their time and often lowball their earnings

  • They lack freelance skills/firsthand experience and aren’t sure how to approach clients professionally, so they miss the chance to leave a great first impression

  • They’re not confident in their value, so they’re unsure how to price their work, or how to approach looking for high quality work… they prevent themselves from landing the best clients

  • They lack an understanding of the business mindset needed to be valuable as a writer, so they present themselves the wrong way

Essentially, it’s very easy for a client to spot a new writer. 

When you take this course, I’ll teach you how to be focused, purposeful, and confident from the moment you start sending applications. You can hit the ground running and avoid newbie mistakes, ones that flag you as a new writer and limit your potential. You’ll earn more money sooner, find better clients, and generally avoid the pitfalls of getting set up. 

The best way to think like an experienced freelance writer is to follow a concrete, step-by-step method from someone with experience. I can help you clear a path and get past the hordes of other new writers. 

Everything you need

to launch a writing business

I'm in!

You’ll get the condensed knowledge and strategy you need to become a top earner

That $100+ per hour I make? That’s not standard. I’ve had to do a few things differently to get here. I tried a lot of different tactics before finding ones that got me the results I wanted. 

In this course I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from over 7 years of freelance writing experience and boiled it down to the most important things you need to do to succeed at freelance writing. 

I help you cut through all of the options to find the most profitable & successful methods to start your business. 

It takes strategy to maximize your potential as a writer. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you’re following a plan that can get you where you want to be?

It doesn’t have to be confusing and time-consuming to launch a successful freelance writing business. Imagine if you could…

  • Have every step you need to take laid out for you

  • Build an amazing portfolio and start sending it out in a few weeks

  • Have some great new clients 6 weeks from now

  • Get everything going seamlessly & jump into your new freelance writing life

Let's make this happen

Reserve your seat before Jan 2 and get a FREE pitch review ($95 value)

Get started now

You have two options...

1. Figure it all out on your own. I’m sure you can do so, but it’ll take much longer to get set up. From there, it may still take years to get out of beginner mindset. Are the missed opportunities and income worth it? This is time you could be spending growing your business-- and knowledge you could have at your fingertips from the start. 

2. Start building a smart business today. Learn everything you need to get results way faster. Have more fun, because let’s face it-- taking a course is more enjoyable than hacking together a plan on your own. Feel confident and motivated to begin, knowing you’ve got a great business plan laid out in front of you. 

Hopefully, the latter sounds way better!

So, what’ll it be?